Savings is easier than you think

Upload Receipt in Transin,

it does not only bookkeep the cash transactions; But also Real Cashback.

Step 1:

Set Financial Target

Step 2:

Set up Budget Constrain

Step 3:

Spending Analysis &

Saving Money

Step 4:

Receipt Cashback



Cash or T-Points will be credited to the account within 60 days. You can also use the TRANSN account to redeem the deluxe products, e.g. Flight ticket.

Download TRANSIN on the App Store or Play Store

Then upload the receipt after consumption


After the user uploads the receipt, Transin will use the AI & OCR to record the transaction for the user, spending behaviour will be analyzed and concluded.

After the process of collecting the receipt,

the data will be analyzed and we will advise for your savings plan.

Financial Analysis


Who We Are.

Transin Intelligent Savings Platform is an award-winning Fintech startup. We provide One-stop intelligent savings & investment services. As a personal financial management tool, we solve the difficulties on savings money. We have found that the asset price has risen rapidly in the last ten years, causing young people to break their dreams. Young people's consumption habits and lack of understanding of investment have led to the failure to save.

In the future, when you link your E-payment to Transin and make a purchase, the amount will be automatically increased to an integer and the difference will be added to the savings account. Users can choose to invest the difference in the form of change. Within the portfolio to achieve financial goals faster.


In addition, Transin provides users with a receipt scanning service. As long as the receipt is uploaded in Transin App, users can not only record the consumption record, but also cashback if that is from cooperative merchants. Users can also transfer cash to their bank account or portfolio at any time and any place with a fast payment system or bank transfer function.


We use a bank-level security system and never disclose or resell user profiles to third-party companies.


Transin has been published in below

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Apple Daily


Fintech Award 2018 - 

Outstanding Wealth-Savings Platform

Top 100 Startup in HK

Roadshow - China Hi-Tech Fair

Vol. 123 December 2018

Evaluation HKD 15.00Mn in Seed Round


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